Taking a Leap of Faith

The moment our telephone lines connected I knew I was in for a treat. Immediately, I was greeted with a spirited laugh and a personality that could light up the whole world. The instant connection felt between both of us was no surprise to me and I could tell the fun was just getting started. Jumping right into some girlfriend talk I quickly discovered the reason God allowed our paths to cross. Both of us were fueled with passion, ready to completely be used by our creator and encourage others to do the same.

Rocking the waves of radio for the past three years, Trisha, "Lady TJ" Johnson, is truly enjoying life. Striving in a purpose to encourage women to allow their light to shine, the Lady TJ Show is a spiritual growth and maturity talk show for women. Trisha may be newly connected to her purpose but she is a veteran at being a servant of the Lord. Attending church over 17 years and having personally experienced the faithfulness of God, Trisha can attest, "When we think we aren't good enough, God has a way of showing us we are more than enough!" Nevertheless, this wife, mother of three adult children, grandmother of four, and faithful member of Hallandale Beach Church of Christ wasn't always confident in the direction her purpose was taking her.

When she was first approached by her husband to do a radio talk show she doubted herself, wondering what she could bring to the table. But her husband helped her to see the gifts she already had within. "He always would tell me, Trisha, you have something to say," she shares. And indeed she does. "Each time I would second guess myself my husband was right by my side. At first, I did not see what my husband saw in me. I didn't think I had that kind of talent or purpose in my life. I thought I was a regular person doing regular things but when I accepted the call to radio it became different," says Trisha.

Letting go and letting God direct her path has been an amazing journey and after realizing how many people could be connected to her purpose she became dedicated to enjoying all God has to offer, even if it meant deserting the person she always tried so hard to be and embracing who God has created her to be. When I first started, I was trying to be what everyone else wanted me to be. I was trying to do a show I thought everyone would want to hear but I had to get down to who I am and what my true purpose is on the radio. I realized you have to be a person of purpose, being what God had designed me for. I learned to be me! It can be scary and lonely out there but I have to be me. I can't be anyone else. They are all taken."

So, with her shoulders back and her head held high, Trisha trusted the vision the Lord had given her husband and leaped faith, educating herself about radio.  "When I first started my husband wanted me to do a four-hour show. I thought this was hilarious because I had no clue what I would talk about nor did I have any guests. But I started with just me and the Lord. It was interesting and surprisingly I was nervous, which was not normal for me because I love to talk. However, the thought of people listening made me nervous. Eventually, I got used to it and the guests started to come. I realized I had a gift to help people see themselves the way God sees them in their greatness." Trisha's guests weren't the only ones being enlightened. Trisha shares, "I would go on the show thinking I'm going to enlighten someone and they end up enlightening and motivating me to be great. I realize this journey that I'm on is not about me. It is about how he wants to direct me. I'm open and free, open to anything God wants to bless me with. I can't say no. I won't say no!"

When asked what topics she likes to discuss on her show and how she prepares for guest Trisha quickly responds, "We talk about Sister Keepers. I don't rehearse any questions. I don't ask any of the guest's written questions. So when we are talking about Sister Keepers I am talking from experience. I ask my guests to just flow with me because I want their honesty more than their rehearsed statements. When preparing for the guest I do my research. I try to find little tidbits they do. I try to learn something about them before they come to the show. It makes the show more personal when I know a little about my guest. I find out what they stand for, their goals, and what organizations they are a part of. I also like detailed shows where we discuss the different things women go through. I would like to do a show on family and grief, focusing on how God intervenes and how we must rely on Him." Interested to know more about Sister Keepers I asked Trisha to expound her definition of a sister keeper. "A Sister Keeper is a person who always looks out for you like God looks out for us every day. I have a Facebook friend that tells me I am her sister keeper. I take that and run with it because I know God is in the midst of that plan."

The most challenging thing for Trisha right now is getting people on her show and getting them to recognize who she is. "For them to know who I am and what my purpose is the most challenging thing for me. I praise God though because I have not had a time where a guest said they could not come on the show unless it was something like a death in the family or whatever. Other than that the people I have reached out to have always said yes." When asked what guests Trisha would like to have on her show she replies jokingly, "I would like to interview Eve and Jesus (laughs). I would like to ask Eve what was she thinking and I would like to ask Jesus why he let them kill him (laughs).

Surrounded by a very loving support system, Trisha credits many people for her success. "I am motivated by my husband Kenneth Johnson, my mom Hazel Bryant, my daughters Christy and Melissa Johnson, my minister and his wife, Corey and Maritza Glover, my sister Joyce Bryant, dear friend Sheryl Murrah, and the ladies from the Missionaries and Ministering Ladies of the Church of Christ. I also listen to Les Brown a lot. I got a chance to meet him in person. One of the things I asked him was how do you brand yourself and say who you are in 20 seconds. He said you have to first know who you are to say who you are. This is so true."

Although her position as a radio talk show host can be challenging she would graciously say yes to the opportunity of her show being a national success. "This would be a larger platform to share the Good News of Jesus Christ!" Trisha's words of advice to the readers of Purpose Driven Women Magazine is, "You must find out who you are to get to where you are going. That becomes your passion and your destiny!"

The Lady TJ Show is aired every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 5 pm to 7 pm EST on TNT Gospel Radio, Internet Radio, Shoutcast, and Tune In.

To be a guest on the show email Trisha at trjohn42@comcast.net
Website info: www.tntgospelradio.org


Written by Kimi Johnson


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