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Sarina Babb: Daily Burn

By: Sarina Babb

Given the jam-packed schedules that many of us keep daily, it’s easy to miss the most overt physical signs. A headache came, and I associated it with not eating enough. Tiredness overtook me, and I blamed it on staying up too late. My weight kept increasing, and I just assumed it was due to a lack of exercise. My body was trying to warn me with indicators that something was not right. I could feel that something was wrong but liken to most I just kept pushing myself, that is until my body began to cave. My hair thinned out, I couldn’t stay awake at work, my weight wouldn’t budge, and the hot flashes became unbearable. After years of those and many other symptoms getting progressively worst, I decided it was time to see a doctor.


In 2015, I went to see my primary care doctor who took one look at my neck and said, “You have thyroid issues”. I was referred to see an Endocrinologist. After tests were run, it was determined that I had an autoimmune condition known as Hashimotos. It’s a condition that involves the body attacking the thyroid. One good Google search about the role our thyroid plays, and you’ll understand how many problems can arise when it’s attacked. I didn’t outright refuse the medicine, but I did ask the Specialist to allow me to do my own research first. I’m grateful to God I did! I found that many had success with healing their thyroid by incorporating a Paleo eating lifestyle. Within a few short weeks of Paleo eating, I felt more than 50% better than I had in years! I was able to lose 40 pounds in seven months, and my overall health increased dramatically. I had become so dedicated to taking care of myself physically that I was working out twice and sometimes three times a day. It was during one of those early morning workouts that God spoke the words, “Daily Burn” to me. While my physical benefits were awe-inspiring, God reminded me that, Physical training is good, “but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come." - 1 Timothy 4:8.


Similar to how I had neglected to yield to the warning signs that my physical body gave, I realized how easy it was for many of us to neglect the spiritual signs as well. God revealed to me that our spiritual journeys also require daily burning. Herein lies my inspiration for writing, Daily Burn. Daily Burn is a 31-day devotional, where each devotion challenges the reader to shift their focus from the external to the internal. My prayer is that all who hear my story will be encouraged to change more than just their diet. Sure, all the good stewardship of exercising and wise eating will have its profits but is it really the best long-term investment?

We must remember that from the dust we came and to the dust we shall return. Therefore, I believe there is a greater discipline required of us. Our pursuit of healthy bodies shouldn’t cease, but our daily burn must consist of more than just the physical.


Sarina Babb, Author