Strengthened by Experiences

By Kiawana “Key” Leaf

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Purpose in Pain

It may take a while to understand that saying

Parental wounds, single parenting, failed engagement, domestic violence to name a few

God knows my strengths, but this is some of what I’ve been through

It took awhile to understand how there’s purpose in pain

Because, I have been weak

God, I did not seek

Creating so much more pain

Letting go of God’s hand

I couldn’t grasp hold of His plan

To be strengthened by experiences birthing purpose in my own pain

I wept and sowed tears

Fought demons, lived life in no fear

Knowing I wasn’t sincere

Wishing the pain behind

the mask could somehow disappear

Neglecting that my life is not my own

Casting my own stone

Believing I’m not deserving nor chosen

How can I be strengthened by experiences birthing purpose in my own pain

I’m sobbing, weeping, crying, yelling, and screaming

God, God, Where are You, How could You, Why Me

Could God really be the one to blame?

When I’m the one creating chaos and my own stain

That wasn’t part of His plan

You see, God never change

His promise remains the same

But our response to His plan can create our own chain

Missing the mark to birth purpose in our pain

When I am weak He is strong

Hopeless, He is my hope

I’m gaining strength by experiences birthing purpose in my own pain

If I experienced nothing in life

I could not be authentic in revealing His glory

If I experienced nothing in life

I wouldn’t appreciate God’s grace and mercy

It’s been through experiences that I gained His strength

Birthing purpose in my own pain

By letting go, committing, and submitting

My will and way to Christ

Simply just by saying YES!

I’ve been Strengthened by Experiences

Kiawana “Key” Leaf, a God-made entrepreneur, best-selling author, actress, and inspirational speaker, Kiawana aspires to inspire and empower women who are survivors of domestic abuse, men and women who are masking their truth, oblivious to childhood trauma, as well as the brokenhearted through her first business venture, Empower Too Inspire LLC.

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