Let's Talk Hair with Alison Stallworth

Written by: Kimi Johnson, April 2015

Alison “Nikki” Stallworth is an expert cosmetologist and owner of Anointed Too Beauty Salon, located in Tallahassee, Florida. A professional at her craft, this woman of God is known not only for her magnificent, desirable hairstyles but also for winning souls. It’s no wonder her salon is named “Anointed Too.” Nikki, as she is affectionately called by everyone who knows and loves her, developed an interest in hair care/hairdressing at a very young age. Growing up, she was always intrigued by the growth of hair and would even get upset when her grandmother would trim her hair. “As a child, I would cry whenever she trimmed my hair,” says Nikki with a chuckle. “I was always just intrigued by hair.” Her passion for hairdressing led to her styling the hair of as many baby dolls as she could get her hands on. It wasn’t long before her baby dolls transformed into paying customers. Despite the obvious gift to dress hair, it wasn’t until after Nikki gave her life to Christ that she experienced some events that pushed her into her purpose. She was encouraged to go back to school to complete her makeup hours and become a certified cosmetologist. About three weeks later, she came across a salon that was fully equipped and an offer that was too good to resist, and just like that, her appointment with purpose was fulfilled. Since that day, Nikki has not looked back.

Anointed Too, which means Anointed Also, is a salon that carries the grace of God to get the job done, not just by doing hair but also by ministering the word of God. When asked what makes Anointed Too stand out, Nikki shares, “God is welcome there. People are being witnessed to and souls are being saved.” A woman after God’s own heart, nothing excites Nikki more about her profession than ministering to the people. “I love doing hair, but mostly I love seeing lives affected by the word of God,” Nikki says. “At Anointed Too, lives are being changed and people are being healed on a day-to-day basis. Doing hair is simply the avenue God has given me to win souls, building their inward man to become who God has created them to be. Doing hair is the icing on the cake.” Customers walk out of Anointed Too not only with exquisite hairstyles but also with blessed words of knowledge, encouragement, and wisdom. “Witnessing to them causes them to know God in a greater way because they know the things that are being shared can only be revealed by the Lord. When this happens, people desire to know God, and that’s our purpose. We want people to see Christ in a new way, to encounter Him for themselves,” shares Nikki. It is no secret that Alison “Nikki” Stallworth LOVES the Lord. Furthermore, she is a woman who has connected with her purpose—winning the souls of people for the Kingdom of God by sharing the Word as she eloquently styles hair with perfection.

PDWM: So Alison, what would you say is your specialty?

Alison: I would have to say natural hair and healthy hair care.

PDWM: Have you always specialized in natural hair?

Alison: No. When I first started doing hair, my style was more creative. I remember going to sleep thinking about the styles I would do on my clients the next day. Now my focus is on healthy natural hair.

PDWM: What influenced this transition?

Alison: About 9 years ago, the Holy Spirit began dealing with me to get my customers away from relaxers, and of course, I was obedient. Since then I have read research suggesting relaxers cause uterus fibroids in women and a green film underneath the scalp. In the “Good Hair” documentary done by Chris Rock in 2009, there was a demonstration where an aluminum can be placed in Sodium Hydroxide, which is a chemical used in relaxers, and over a while, the can melted.

PDWM: Wow! That is scary.

Alison: Yes, it is. I always felt like relaxers were unhealthy. I noticed that over some time, relaxers cause thinning and balding.

PDWM: Have you noticed any changes in your client’s hair since they transitioned from the relaxer?

Alison: After the chemical was removed, thin areas started growing back. I have even had testimonies from some customers that dealt with migraine headaches and memory loss. After we stopped using the chemical, there were little to no episodes of both memory loss and migraines.

PDWM: Do you offer any mentor programs?

Alison: Well, the state of Florida does not allow apprenticeship programs right now; however, if you are a licensed stylist, you are welcome to make a connection with the salon, and yes, I will be happy to set something up.

PDWM: Okay Alison, as we wrap things up, what advice would you give an aspiring stylist or stylist in general?

Alison: I would say be accountable, honest, and trustworthy. Customers are looking for someone they can talk to. Sometimes stylists become counselors to their customers, so it is important to be a-peoples-person. Bad attitudes minimize your clientele. If customers are not able to get along with you as a person, how will you retain them as long-term customers? Lastly, I would say be committed; this takes making sacrifices.

Kimi Johnson is the publisher and founder of Purpose Driven Women Magazine and owner of PurposePals, LLC. She helps women who want to gain clarity about their purpose by providing strategies to overcome limiting beliefs, discover their inner gifts, and build confidence.

Her clients love that she is relatable, transparent, and truly believes in their ability to evolve into their best selves.

In her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, taking trips to the beach, trying new foods (she is a foodie), and investing in ways to sharpen her mind.

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