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Updated: Jul 30, 2020

It's time to break-up with your unhealthy fitness journey relationship!

By: Yashika Cherry, Owner of Own Your Fit

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It is possible for every woman to live sustainably and cultivate a healthy relationship with food and her body. However, surfing through cable channels can suggest that fitness and health are the latest trendy game to be played. And playing by their rules means obsessing over factors that usually brings joy to the eye alone. The truth is that your fitness journey is a double-edged sword that can either serve as your blessing or counteract as your curse depending on the individual taking the journey. A lot of mental digging, self-awareness, embracing discomfort and learning how to become your own best friend are task items on the top of the “healthy lifestyle change” agenda. If you embrace the journey of self-improvement over the concentration of body image, the payoff is well worth it and tends to be one that endures over time. Just like too much of even a sweet thing goes bad so it is regarding the relationship with your health and fitness maintenance.

Here are some are some factors that can lead women into an unhealthy whirlwind during their journey and tips to help you foster what may be an already detrimental relationship into one that is harmonious and gratifying:

The weight of the scale: I can hear you now: Naturally it is the influx of the scale that sends one on the journey toward lifestyle change. This is a truth that can’t be denied. Women on any fitness journey, especially one that requires weight loss, seem to be addicted weight watching which can turn into a job all its own. Try stepping on the scale only once every other week to support the reality of how weight loss works. A pound per week is easy to gain but requires hard efforts for the body to shed. Instead of obsessing over the number display of the scale measure your progress by other important indicators like an increase in energy, the adoption of more joy and the tapering off of inches.

"Break the vision into small, actionable steps which anyone can execute."

The big picture is too big: Vision is always unbelievably big. It has to be in order to attract someone to it. Once that person is gelled to it though, she usually calls for divorce after feeling hope lost after not realizing their once vibrant vision. Break the vision into small, actionable steps which anyone can execute. The big picture needs to be broken down into actions. “Losing 80 pounds” isn’t an action. But “plan a healthy breakfast and eat it” is an action. Not only is it an action, but it’s an action that can be completed simply and effectively.

One woman show: Your journey is a personal one. But traveling the road alone will end a journey sooner than later. Accountability is key. Enlist friends and family to serve as your partners. The more caring people you have on board, the easier it will be for you to stay on board. It took you entire life to establish your lifestyle; it will take many people on your team to break down those dynamics and make sure that you’re are making choices each day to make your new lifestyle.

"Use real life everyday women as your fitness goal targets."

The celebrity comparison: You see a photo of your favorite celebrity in a film or a model in a magazine and immediately set a perimeter for your ideal image for self. Having a celebrity body goal is a killer! They are in a world totally different from yours and, more importantly, their wallets and team of “magicians” can make any spec of cellulite disappear overnight. Try to use real life everyday women as your fitness goal targets.

No matter where you are on your fitness, strength or fat loss journey; if you work on honing your mindset to stop viewing exercise and food as things to “fix your flaws” and start seeing them as nourishment and things to enhance your vitality and physical capability, you will find joy in the process and gain patience for the time the process takes. You will also begin to appreciate your body, all of its normal ups and downs and want only the best for it. This is what a healthy lifestyle relationship truly is.

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