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NurJehan Abdellah Al-Haqq: From Pain to Purpose

by: NurJehan Abdellah Al-Haqq

My name is NurJehan Abdellah Al-Haqq which stands for Light of the World Servant of the True God in Arabic. I was born on Aug 9, 1975 in Detroit, Mi. I was raised under the Islamic faith until I was 20 years old. I gave my life to the Lord in June of 1996 and have been following Jesus ever since. I became a mother at the age of 18 and I gave birth to a beautiful son. His father and I didn't stay together and I was a single mother. During the times we were together he became very abusive and I lost myself in the process. My identity and self worth were stolen from me and I no longer had my self-esteem.


My story begins on Oct 19, 1997. My son was 3 years old, his father and I got into a disagreement of the way he was disciplining him and we got into a tussle. My anger had me to the point where I just couldn't take it anymore and I lost it and told him to leave my son alone. He put his fingers in my face and I shoved him on the side of his head because I felt like he was violating my space. He retaliated and put me in a "full nelson" wrestling move where my arms were behind my back and his hands were around my neck. I tried to wiggle myself out of that position then we slipped on the blanket and fell to the floor. At this point he now had full control of his next move. So while we were on the floor he re positioned his hands around my neck and started to choke me. I told him that I couldn't breathe but he wouldn't stop. He kept saying "why did you hit me?" I kept telling him "I was sorry". He just kept getting stronger with his grip until he did the ultimate betrayal and twisted my neck until it was broken. I thought I was dead! However I was still here and God had spared my life. My neck was fractured at the C6 and C7 vertebrae and I had surgery on Oct 21, 1997.


I wore a halo for 6 weeks and was paralyzed from the chest down. I was considered to be an incomplete quadriplegic and was in a wheelchair. During my recovery I had to learn how to do everything all over again this time with my left hand because the surgery affected the right side of my body and I lost the use of my right hand. It took me months through physical therapy and by the grace of God to be able to walk again. Once I was independent enough to be on my own and no longer under the care of my mother I started working again and I held my last job as a customer service rep for 11 years until I was terminated on Sep 13, 2011. I went back to school in Aug of 2007 while I was still working and received my BS in psychology on Dec 12, 2014. I became a motivational speaker and a domestic violence advocate once I realized what my purpose was. I answered to my calling after I had gone public with my story in Oct 2014 during domestic violence awareness month. My first appearance was on a TV show.


My story inspired so many people and I was told to continue to share it because it has helped others. My goal is to win as many people as I can to Christ through my story. I like to help people which is the reason I chose psychology and I wanted to be a counselor, but God had other plans for my life. My tragedy has made me stronger and has given me a new identity. Besides being an advocate and motivational speaker I am also an Entrepreneur, model, poet and a co author. I am working on my book to share my story in full details because I have a short version of my story in a collaboration piece with 19 other survivors called Wounded Women Warriors by Cassandra Bryant Johnson.


My book will be called "Broken but not Destroyed" and I hope to have it published in the beginning of 2018. I am also a wellness and awareness expert and plan to start a ministry called S.O.W. (save our wombs) which is another vision God has given me to go along with the Now We No movement from one of the current businesses I am in. I plan to impact and save as many lives as I can and continue to have a relationship with my son and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

NurJehan Al-Haqq