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Meet the Editor...

Submitting to our life’s purpose, can be an ongoing process. Gifted with a myriad of skillsets, in helping others to come full circle, is the compassionate professional, Carmelita McRoy. Carmelita is a best-selling author, global speaker, certified life coach for MOMS, podcast host, evangelist, serial entrepreneur, and Editor in Chief of Purpose Driven Women Magazine.

She specializes in helping moms overcome guilt, deal with being overwhelmed and shows them how to effectively use time management. She coaches with a high vernacular for revitalizing the lives of mothers, who want to dive “head-first”; into their life-purpose. The books Carmelita writes are encouraging, inspiring, and holistically rejuvenating.  Having overcome unfortunate battles with homelessness, rejection, depression, teenage pregnancy, abuse, and single motherhood of eight children; Carmelita is enthused to share the principles, ethics, and faith that permitted lasting success in her life, with other women. 

Carmelita’s Mantra is simple: she knows what it is like to feel like life is not worth living, but she also knows how to live the best life she can; even through tragedy, and she wants to help others, do the same. Carmelita’s exceptional bravery is shown through various communal investments. One of her most appreciated; is the creation and facilitation, of the Chancellor & Candiace Scott Fund, named after her two deceased children. She enjoys giving back to the community in tangible and beneficial ways; it is through that intention; she remains centered, and successful. 

Carmelita graduated from The Ohio Christian University and Penn Valley Community College.

Speaking Truth, LLC is the name of her company that holds conferences, summits, one on one coaching, and webinars to educate and teach women to excel in all areas of their life with a holistic feminine power. Simply put, Carmelita is a woman driven by purpose. 

When Carmelita is not out accomplishing the mission of encouraging mothers all over the world, she is a devoted mother, humanitarian, and friend. 


Her daily quote is Expect It, Believe It, Receive It.

To learn more about Carmelita visit carmelitamcroy.com