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Janet May: I am a Purpose Driven Woman

PDWM: How would you define your purpose?

JM: Living out your full truth as God intended for you to do.

PDWM: What does being a purpose driven woman mean to you?


JM: It means living under the principles of God’s word, standing in his promises and being an example for others.


PDWM: Tell us a little about your business. What services do you provide? What makes your business different from the rest?


JM: I work in the corporate field for my 9-5. I have e licensed Zumba instructor; I teach Zumba fitness classes three nights a week. I am also in the party planning business. I can be found on Face Book: @Janet May, Instagram:@jlmay97 for any event planning purposes Visit for a list of my Zumba classes.


PDWM: Describe the moment when you realized you were connected to your purpose.


JM: I realized I was connected to my passion when I had the desire to be better at what I was doing! No mediocracy!!

PDWM: How has your life changed since you committed to being purpose driven? 

JM: Life has changed in the sense that I have a strong determination to win and see others win and grow!

PDWM: What do you enjoy most about what you do?

JM: Making people smile!

PDWM: What encouraging words would you share with our readers?

JM:  Honor God! Live in your truth and be your best self! Live life to its fullest potential you only have one life to live!!!!