Erika Baez: Build the Business…Close the Sale

Dominating the sales space for over ten years it is no surprise that Erika Baez is known as a "Powerhouse Sales Coach." An infectious entrepreneur with a purpose to inspire sales professionals and businesses to sell more, do more and live more, Erika is a "Sales Beast" that knows how to successfully close a deal. Born on Dominican soil and raised in the sunshine state also known as Florida, Erika's destiny with sales started at an early age. She was only 16 years old when she first started working in the industry. Since then she has built a record-breaking sales career, adding immense value to numerous Fortune 500 companies. We had a chance to talk with Erika and find out the secrets to building business and closing the sale. It didn't take long for her high energy personality to win us over! Check out her interview…

PDWM: How did you know sales would be the pathway to your purpose?

Erika:  I was in sales for a long time and I noticed that in every company, every corporation that I've worked for or anytime that I've worked for myself, my ability to get the person on the other end to say yes, it just really comes easy. So because I know nothing in life comes easy I decided, you know what, this is a gift, this is more than a talent.  This is something that God put inside of me to be able to share with other people.  I was in a business sales role at the time and one day I was so stressed I was sitting on the phone, I got off of a call and started crying. My manager came to me and looked at me. He grabbed me by my shoulders and he shook me and said: "You are a powerhouse and don't ever forget that!"  Every time I second guess myself I go back to that shake.  That was the day I met my purpose. My purpose is to show people how to be, do, and have everything they want.
PDWM: Did you always know you would be in sales or did your career start on a different path?

Erika: I've been in sales since I was 16 and before that, I worked at Bakers Shoes. So when I was in high school all the cool girls worked at this one store. For me, it was more like a click thing. Once I got into that job I noticed I would get this crazy adrenaline rush anytime I made a sale. I understood an important key to selling was making people feel good.  Once I understood that everything changed for me. People would come to the store wanting to buy their shoes from me. They weren't just looking for shoes, they were looking for me because I was going to make them feel good. I've always been in sales and never imagined myself doing anything else.  I couldn't even see pass being in this space because it gives me such a rush every single day and I tell people all the time, find what you'll do for free and you'll uncover your purpose.  Even if I didn't make the money I make this is exactly what I would do no matter what.

PDWM:  Erika, tell me a little bit more about your business and the type of services you provide.

Erika:  I strongly believe in this quote, "You make a living from 9 to 5 and you build your wealth from 5 to 9."  So from 9 to 5, I'm a regional area VP for Bank of America Merchant Services. I help businesses be, do, have, and grow every single day via merchant services. So that's what I do corporately for a living. This is a sales job and the reason why I'm still in this sales role is because I would hate to just get out of the game completely.  I still get up every single day and have to sell something. I can turn around at 5 pm and get on a coaching call and tell someone how to do it because I am still in that space. So I do have a corporate job. Aside from my corporate job I help large companies, midsize companies and individuals sell more, do more, give more, and be more. I take influence and bring it to life. I feel like everybody has a responsibility to influence someone else. I'm an influence mastery coach and I help them with their influence technique.

PDWM: What do you like most about your job?

Erika: The fact that it's my purpose.  I'm here to do for other people.  My corporate job keeps me sharpening my sword but in my business, I can watch people do better. When I can see that something I told a client has now changed the way not only them but their and your family eat, vacation, and live that is big for me. So I watch people's income grow by dealing with me on a day to day or week to week basis. It is very motivating and inspiring to know that I was a small frame in that transaction.

PDWM: Give us three tips that will help build a business and close the sale. 

1. Never trade urgency for importance! Keep your high priority tasks HIGH and forget everything else, keep your eye on the prize! Show your customers the same. 

2. Never Ever Settle! No just means Not Now! Stay Strong. When your clients tell you no don't be afraid to ask WHY! 

3. Set Goals, timelines, and thresholds.  Doing this will help keep track of your sale progression through your journey and will allow you to modify or duplicate your approach! 

For more information about Erika visit her website at 

Written by Kimi Johnson

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