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Trailblazing Business Tips with Carla Cannon

One of the shows I thoroughly enjoy watching is Shark Tank (an Emmy-winning ABC show where over 45,000 entrepreneurs applied for an audience with some of the world’s most famous investors.) Only 150 people were selected and 115 made it to the air in which their businesses were seen in millions of homes. The show consists of 6 moguls (known as sharks):


Mark Cuban – Owner of the 2011 NBA champion Dallas Mavericks as well as owner & chairman of AXS TV.

Kevin O’Leary- AKA Mr. Wonderful: venture capitalist

Daymond John- FUBU clothing founder and branding expert

Barbara Corcoran- Real estate mogul

Robert Herjavec- founder of the global IT security company the Herjavec Group

Lori Greiner- QVC home-shopping queen


  • Barbara Corcoran says deep-seated insecurity has been the driving force of her success. From being a nun in the 5th grade who was told she was stupid because she couldn’t read (she is dyslexic) to the boyfriend and real estate business partner who left her for her secretary to every fancy cocktail party that’s made her feel insignificant because of her learning curve; has actually caused her to have great compassion and motivation to stand tall in her own right and un-apologetically the right to be compared or treated less than in any area of her life.

“A key to success is to develop tough skin,” Barbara says. In other words, don’t let everything shake you. Become unmovable. Own your strengths but don’t deny your weaknesses. They are there to keep you grounded and to remind you that it is not within your own strength that you are able to function and expand your brand, business or ministry but it’s by HIS power, might and spirit. How you respond to insecurity is the key. So what you may have a disability; that makes you no less of a human being than anyone else. It just means you learn differently. And most millionaires I learned of or read about were originally called dumb, stupid, slow or even retarded!


  • Daymond John Released a book entitled, “The Power of Broke.” He says, He goes on to say,

When Daymond started FUBU in 1992 his funds were extremely limited and for 2 years he took the same 10 shirts with him whenever he could sneak his way onto a music video shoot. If he could convince a rapper or dancer to wear the shirt in a video, he’d take it back when the shoot was over. “We didn’t’ have the money to give shirts away, but we were in about 30 videos; and the perception grew that we were this huge clothing company.”- says Daymond.


All it takes is ONE opportunity for your brand, ministry or business to explode! But you must be willing to do the work.


“Allow the person you are today to sit down so the person you were called to be can rise up!”- Carla R. Cannon


Through great sacrifice and out of the box thinking, FBUW grossed over $350 million in sales in 1998.

  • Lori Greiner- Tested her product by boldly approaching strangers for their opinions.

If you have products do not be afraid to give it away in order to gain reviews and testimonials. Free doesn’t mean you gain NOTHING!


Develop a strategy, develop a plan then EXECUTE IT!!!

Get rid of poverty thinking and begin to think like the millionaire you are!


  • Kevin O’Leary- sees failure (even million-dollar failure) as a learning opportunity. “You must be willing to lose.” Truth is, as an entrepreneur we do not always win but actually in the end we do. We take risks, we invest in projects and people that don’t always work out but the wisdom and knowledge we gain from each decision and endeavor is worth it.

  • “Perseverance is an essential attribute when starting a business, but so are firm deadlines that measure your progress.

Robert Herjavec says: “A goal without a time line is just a dream.”


“A goal without a strategic plan of action is simply a wish!”-Carla R. Cannon


  • Don’t despise fear:

  • Be resilient: The sharks can move forward with confidence despite their fear because they have faith in their own resilience, the ability to recoup from failure and move on to new challenges.

“You get a lot of chances in life,” Robert Herjavec says, “Even if you fail in one, you’ve got to keep going!”