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El'Lise Bethel: High Healed Hearts

by: Kimi Johnson

PDWM: How would you define your purpose?

EB: One word, "Servant"


PDWM: What does being a purpose driven woman mean to you?


EB: It means to exercise daily in the gift God impregnated you with. To help others that are hurting and need help finding their GIFT.


PDWM: Tell us a little about your business. What services do you provide? What makes your business different from the rest? 


EB: High HEALED Hearts is an organization that helps families affected by Domestic Violence. We focus on breaking the cycle of abuse. Currently we provide financial, clothing, food, and counseling (upon request) resources. What makes H3 special( I don't like to use the term different) is that I'm a survivor and I try to provide services and programs that I needed that weren't available to me while I was in my situation. Our organization makes it our mission to really connect with each individual we come across. We want to know your story and how your story has changed your life. The healing is in the story and we understand that.  Being a Survivor I understand the personal touch that needs to be incorporated in a domestic violence organization.  I truly want to put an end to domestic violence and while this might seem unobtainable, I am going to die trying. I am the change I want to see and I will make a difference. Our website is and you can follow us on the following social media channels:

Instagram: @highhealedhearts


Twitter: @highhealedhrts


PDWM: Describe the moment when you realized you were connected to you purpose.


EB: Awweeee...I was running from my purpose because I didn't want to face the hurt, the struggle, and the judgement that would come with living in my purpose daily. However I thank God for my sister n law, Mandi Buckner, who refused to let me run any longer and pushed me to face my fears and give birth to my purpose and destiny. It was a rough 3-4 months, but once H3 was presented to the world, I was in love, full of passion, determination, and most of all PROUD that I no longer was allowing FEAR to dictate over my future.


PDWM: How has your life changed since you committed to being purpose driven?


EB: Tremendously! I was able to not only answer the call on my life, but commit to it and now I'm seeing my dreams come to fruition. Women, children, families are being empowered and changed. There's no greater feeling than being a blessing in someone's life. When you are purpose driven you understand what you are fighting for. My purpose motivates me on the hard days, and it gives me an extra push when I need it.


PDWM: What do you enjoy most about what you do?


EB: Domestic Violence is an epidemic that kills many people everyday. Domestic violence is a real problem that most are scared to talk about. Most people act like it doesn't exist. The fact of the matter is it does. We all have friends and family members that have stories. Some stories are more detailed than others.  I am able to make a difference in a survivor’s life, a victims children and family’s life.  For example my organization created “Survivors are Superheroes week”. This is a week dedicated to honoring survivors of DV and remembering those who have passed away. I enjoy receiving emails, messages from social media, hugs in person, and the smiles on the faces are priceless.


PDWM: What encouraging words would you share with our readers?


EB: Never let FEAR hold you back from answering the call GOD has on your life. When you are honest with yourself and you ask God to guide your dreams and to open your mind great things happen. Learn to put action behind the prayers that you ask God to help you with. Trust that God catches you each time you fall. Your purpose is for you and not anyone else. It's not going to be easy but it will be worth it.