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Cynthia Jones: A Story of Survival

by: Cynthia Jones




In March of 2000, I became very ill.  For weeks I was in and out of the Emergency Room.  Each time I was given a different diagnosis.  Since this time, I have had four open-heart surgeries.  I have had three valve repairs, and finally, in 2007, I received a valve replacement.  I never had a history of heart disease nor does anyone in my family.  Before I was diagnosed, I was in and out of the emergency room for two months.  At the time I was only 38 years old, so no one suspected it was my heart.  This assumption almost cost me my life.  Eventually, I was diagnosed with Endocarditis, which simply means my heart valve was infected.


I was transferred to a heart hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.  It was then I met my Cardiologist, Dr. Winston H. Gandy, of Atlanta Cardiology Associates.  Not only was he instrumental in saving my life, but he also hand picked each of my doctors, including my surgeon.  The infection was so severe and so widespread many did not expect me to survive the surgery.  Unfortunately, little did anyone know, I would require three more surgeries.  When I was first diagnosed my son, Matthew was only 13 years old, and he's been with me throughout this entire ordeal.  His faith, love, and support have meant the world to me.  Almost twenty years later, my son continues to stand with me in ministry as we share our story.

Through all this, I have now become an inspirational speaker, as I continue to emphasize the importance of a strong support team, as well as having the ability to look past your current situation and see yourself in your future.  While I may have spent months in the hospital, my focus was on getting well, being released and returning to a normal life.  I absolutely refused to succumb to the bleak diagnosis which so many of the hospital staff wanted me to believe.  My faith outweighed the negative reports.