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This Game Called Life

by: Latracia Tolbert Brite

Basketball is often referred to as "This Game Called Life." In the game of basketball, you win some and lose some. This is a process that helps you to discover your strengths, weaknesses and become better effective in life. 


Throughout life, basketball has equipped us for This Game Called “LIFE.” Discipline, respect, self-control, and attitude all are important tools that enhance your character and what you stand for as a person. In basketball, there are five players which include a point guard, two shooting guards, a forward, and a center. No one player is more valuable than the other. When synergized and on the same page, everyone achieves more.


The purpose of playing the game of basketball is to get to the goal and score. When playing basketball, each team plays OFFENSE and DEFENSE. The purpose of the offense is to get past the defense and score points. The defense purpose is to stop the offense from scoring. There are many plays that the offense creates to keep the defense away so they can score. The offense plays may be specifically for the shooting guards, the post players (forward or center) or just for the point guard to drive the lane and score. The defense tries to stop the offense from scoring by stealing the ball, trapping the point guard, shooting guards, and doing a half court or full court press. All of these defensive plays are designed to stop the offense from reaching the goal to score. 


In life, we try to achieve our goals. Like basketball, we get sidetrack and decide to go another route and the defense (enemy) is waiting to pull us into its trap. When this happens, keep your eyes on the prize and strategize on how all TEAM PLAYERS can work together and be victorious.  Don’t allow obstacles (defense) to detour you from reaching your greatest potential. Whatever the defense throws at you, adjust your offense and focus and protect what’s valuable to you so you can reach your goal in due time.


Anything you love and value in life is important. Whether it be basketball, career, or faith, you are going to make sure that it’s done effectively. Having the 3 P’s (Passion, Preparation, and Persistence) will help us find our purpose.  Nothing in life manifests without having a passion for it. When you are passionate about something, you prepare day in and day out to be successful. When you become successful, you continue to be persistent and continue to do what works for you. You can't give up and throw in the towel if you want to be a winner in this game called “LIFE.” You must reach for your ultimate goal. Remember, “You can do it, nothing to it, you can do it if you try!