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Renee Dantzler

Renee Dantzler is a certified personal trainer and transformation artist. She is passionate about helping others overcome challenges physically, emotionally and spiritually because she has overcome major challenges of her own.  

Strong AVID Fitness


E:mail: CoachRenee@ReneeDantzler.com

Instagram: CoachReneeDantzler

Facebook: Renee Dantzler

Twitter: Coach Renee

LinkedIn: Renee Dantzler 

T. Renee Global

Mrs. T. Renee is focused on empowering and inspiring women to be F.I.T.  in all areas of their lives. While addressing spirituality, health and wellness, and confidence, I aspire to provide a source for women to grow and consequently become the best version of themselves. Therefore I my life story as a source of inspiration for other women. Most of all, I aim to empower and encourage women to overcome obstacles, love themselves, and as a result they will know they are fearfully and wonderfully made.

The F.IT. Diva’s Society is a network created for women to encourage and empower each other to be FIERCE.INSPIRED.TRANSFORMED in all areas of their lives. It is our expectation to help women by having a supportive network that uplifts and supports each other. We meet you where you are and love you how you are all while encouraging you to blossom into the best version of yourself. 

Virtuous Mama

A Place made for all of us imperfect Christian women to come together for encouragement, inspritaion, and growth through Christ, who is perfect.

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