Who says there is a certain age you must be before you can rock out in your purpose? Making her presence known, Asia Bateman, a 22-year-old entrepreneur, is inspiring people while setting fashion trends and letting them know it is okay to be saved all at the same time. Being the second oldest of 7, Asia started her journey as a role model early. At only 15 years old she discovered her passion for fashion. It was a passion that became her purpose. She went to Southeast Missouri State University and later became a Wardrobe Stylist/Image Consultant.  After hearing so many pessimistic things about the young people in her city, she was determined to make a difference. 

Letting her light shine, Asia had her first big fashion show, releasing a highly anticipated clothing line, $YS Clothing.  $YS Clothing, $tylish, Young, & Saved, is a clothing line for all ages that lets people know being saved is cool. There were several people and kingdom principals she attributes to aiding in her success, one of them she absolutely cannot live without. This kingdom principle is tithing.  "It is very important to tithe because it's not much. All God asks for is 10%, and the offering is what you feel, but the offering is where the blessings come because it's an overflow of what you are already supposed to give (tithe). Tithing has played a big part in my success all the way. Even before the clothing line I still made sure I paid my tithes and offerings. Psalms 35:27 talks about how God gets pleasure out of seeing us blessed, and I believe tithes & offering starts that process." 

Operating kingdom principals, this ingenious entrepreneur has been blessed beyond measures and is using her purpose to bless others.  "As stylists, we're ground shakers & day makers, setting trends, while fostering that special connection between a person's inner & outer self," says Asia.  Look out fashion world. Asia Bateman is a Purpose Driven Woman on the rise!

Check out her interview below.

PDWM: Tell us a little more about your clothing line $YS Clothing. How did you come up with the name?

AB: $YS Clothing is a clothing line for all people and sizes to let them know that being saved and young is okay. The name I thought about at first was $tylish and Saved, but I felt that it wasn't enough to catch the eye of my generation so I added "Young."

PDWM: If you had to describe your clothing line would it be conservative, urban, or trendy?


AB: $YS Clothing is whatever you make it, but If I have to describe it in one word, I will describe it as trendy because the items are up to date in style and influence. 

PDWM: Recently you had your very first fashion show. Tell us a little more about that experience.

AB: I just had my first fashion show and release of $YS Clothing, and it was my game changer. Everything happened that I wanted to happen. People got saved, inspired, and motivated all while watching my VISION come to life. I had guest rapper "Rio," also celebrity guest British Williams. I was prophesied to in front of my audience after I said to my "Thank You's. "My show was planned in 2 months, and everything was a smooth transition. That was just the beginning. 

PDWM: If you were a shoe which style would you be?

AB: If I were a shoe, I would have to be a platform because they are thick and extremely comfortable. 

PDWM: What do you enjoy the most about being a fashion stylist?


AB: What I enjoy the most about being a fashion stylist is seeing people come out of their comfort zone and the expressions on their faces after they are styled.

PDWM: What would you say is the easiest way to dress up an outfit?

AB: The easiest way to dress up an outfit is a pair of trendy/dope shoes. I am the type of person that looks at the feet first before anything else. 

PDWM: What are some things that should be considered when you are creating your brand/style?

AB: When creating a brand, you have to think about what would make your brand different from everyone else. Ask yourself, "What would make your brand stand out?" or "What would draw attention to your brand?"

PDWM: Do you have any shopping tips for someone who is looking for a wardrobe makeover?

AB: A shopping tip I can give to someone is looking for things you've never had on before or thought you would never wear. You just may like it.

PDWM: What's next for you in the near future?

AB: What's next for Asia, nothing but great things. At the end of 2016 I had a vision party and created my vision board for 2017. So I just plan to knock all of my goals out one by one. I wrote the vision and made it plain. So all I can say is stay tuned. 

PDWM: Where can our readers view pieces from your clothing line? How can they contact you?

Facebook @Asia Bateman or $YS Clothing

Instagram @lovely_asia1 or @_sysclothing

Written by Kimi Johnson

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