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Often times we fail at connecting to our purpose because we feel inadequate. What we don’t realize is when we were created God placed our purpose inside of us. We already have it. It’s what we were created to do. The obstacle is taking the time to seek God for revelation and instructions of our individual purpose and how it is to be accomplished. Once we truly have an understanding of what we were created to be or why we exist there is no force on this earth that can stand in our way. We don’t have to worry about being good enough or if we have what it takes. When we know without a shadow of a doubt who and what we were created to be the rest is history. Purpose Driven Women Magazine is the woman's guide to connecting to their purpose.

About Us

Purpose Driven Women Magazine (PDWM) is a multi-cultural bi-monthly digital Christian magazine dedicated to encouraging women from different walks of life to connect to their purpose through the distribution of free inspiring and educational content.

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ while encouraging women to connect to their purpose. We give  everyday women a voice and platform to share their story of how they overcame hardship through faith, in the end giving God the glory.  We provide support to  women on their   purpose journey by providing inspiration through testimonies, tools, resources, and informative articles that help them to discover and become all that God created them to be. 


Our Vision

Imagine a world where every woman knew exactly why they were created and despite their economical background, past failures and mistakes, trials and tribulations they all knew they had everything needed to be who God created them to be. Our vision is to create an international  publication that creates unification and connection amongst women from different walks of life, giving them an opportunity to uplift each other by sharing their story.

What does it mean to be a Purpose Driven Woman?

A Purpose Driven Woman is simply a woman that has taken out the time to seek God about her purpose,  allowing her success to be driven by it in everything she does. A Purpose Driven Woman could be purposed to be a wife, a mother, a CEO, and director, a cook, or even a nanny. It’s connecting to what you are passionate about, despite the amount of money it will generate, focusing more on the fulfillment you receive by being connected. A Purpose Driven Woman faces her fears while taking a leap of faith to escape her comfort zone and connect to the woman God created her to be. God knows how to take our purpose and cause it to work for us. A Purpose Driven Woman allows God to do just that.

Kimi Johnson

Before I decided to launch Purpose Driven Woman magazine, I was a hairstylist working in the beauty industry for over 10 years. I watched women from all walks of life flip through numerous magazines searching for that one style that screamed, “This is you!” While in my salon, I have heard countless jaw-dropping remarks from women, searching for the person they were created to be. These women were physically beautiful yet crying on the inside because they did not understand who they are in Jesus Christ. I saw that no amount of money, friends, or men, could have saved any of them, and me, from reaching this point. The more I listened to these stories, the more I realized how much we all have in common and the strong desire I have to encourage women to be all they were created to be.


One day while reclining on my sofa at home, I reflected on my purpose. I thought about the things I liked, the things I disliked, and the ways that I could make a difference. As I contemplated, I began to seek the Lord concerning my purpose. However, it wasn’t until I was at the lowest point in my life, when things began to change. I was a single mother; my son was only 6 weeks old and my life was falling apart. While I was thinking how I was going to fix my situation, the Lord was dealing with me about publishing a magazine. A magazine? That was the last thing I thought I was good enough to do. Publish a magazine? This can’t be right. I had absolutely no experience in the magazine industry. I questioned the Lord, “Me? Do a magazine? But how, Lord? I’m not good enough? Who is going to buy or read a magazine?” Eventually, I started believing my negative thoughts and insecurities.


 Those thoughts carried on for years until one day my pastor walked into my office and said, ‘I’m not sure why I’m showing you these but…’ and he placed a stack of magazines that he had published on my desk. That’s right, you heard me! The Holy Spirit knows how to get your attention! I burst in tears, and that was the day I connected with my PURPOSE! Not long after, I found out, I was more than enough. All I needed to do was step out in faith and God would do the rest. Now, I have embarked on a movement to let women all around the world know they too, are more than enough.


Within the stories of Purpose Driven Women Magazine, I pray that you are graced with empowering words of encouragement and motivation to aid you as you travel on life's journey. We believe that testimonies change lives, and when God puts His “super” on our “natural,” we can’t be stopped because we are all Purpose Driven Women.