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About Us

Purpose Driven Women Magazine is a bi-monthly digital faith based magazine designed to help women gain clarity about their purpose and evolve into their best self. Simply put, we empower women to embrace a purpose-driven life. Our publication is published by PurposePals, LLC on the third Tuesday of every odd month. 

Our Vision

Imagine a world where every woman knew exactly why they were created. Despite their economical background, past failures, trials, or tribulations they believed they were more than enough to thrive as the person God created them to be with ease and flow. Our Vision is to create an international publication that creates unification and connection amongst women from different walks of life, giving them an opportunity to uplift each other by sharing stories, resources, products, and expertise.

Our Mission

In service to the Vision, Purpose Driven Women Magazine’s Mission is to inspire and encourage women to discover and surrender to the plan God has for their life. We give everyday women a voice and platform by means of testimonials, interviews, training, resources, and informative articles to share stories of how their faith helped them to overcome hardship. 

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